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Newsletter 29 - 2013


She had watched MANY children come and go.  Some older, most younger, she watched as they were embraced by hugs, toys, and a new surname that meant they were going home at last.  They were being adopted… and it was forever.

We met Dimpho in a government hospital when she was only one day old. Abandoned by her mother who knew she had little time to live, little left to give to her baby girl. 

Dimpho was a small and quiet infant, with eyes that seemed to look deeply into the world around her.

And eight years later, she is still the quiet, observant little girl she was on that day.  Carefully she has navigated her days, and on the rare occasion, she has shared with those closest to her that she has secretly been praying for a family of her own. This weekend, Dimpho’s prayer was answered… it was FINALLY her turn.

A mom, hopeful, healthy and all hers! A mom who wanted her more than any little girl in the entire world.  The hugs, the toys, and the new surname were hers, and they were FOREVER.


Picture you and your colleagues on the fairway, and imagine bringing about justice for abandoned children while enjoying that picture.

With Oasis Haven as the charity partner for your next corporate golf day, you are making a commitment to caring for abandoned children and helping to place them in families. Proceeds from the event will go towards the care and adoption costs of the children in our Family Homes.

Golf not your thing? How about making us the charity partner for your cycling team, soccer team or netball team? There are so many ways that you can support children in need through your corporate activities.

So do better than par and spend a Day on the Fairway with Oasis Haven!

Email Ivan at ivan@oasishaven.org or call him on 011 678 8057


The race date is fast approaching and the deadline for entries is on the 22nd of September.  Team Oasis Haven has made some exciting strides in the last couple of months with many people joining the team and the designing of the 2013 jersey.

We would like to thank everyone for spreading the word and getting people to join the team, please may you continue to urge more cyclists to join us and ride for a great cause.

Make sure you visit our Facebook event page for updates and the latest news!

To register click here or call Ivan on 011 678 8057 for more information.


Spring Drive
- 2 September

Closing date for Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge registration
- 22 September

Volunteer Training
- 2 November


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