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Newsletter 34 - 2014


Our twins were 18 months old when I first thought that adoption might be our family’s next step. It came to me while pushing a little girl on the swings who was new to Oasis Haven, a little girl who wasn’t much younger than my two children but who had no family to call her own. My husband had had adoption in mind for some time prior, so our first discussion soon turned into research. And eventually we were attending informational meetings, trainings and signing up with an adoption agency to begin the process of adopting a baby younger than our twins.

As we moved through the process, life circumstances began to shift in such a way that we knew we needed to put our adoption process on hold. It was a difficult thing to do as our hearts were ready! We waited for the time to be right for our family, while our children grew older and our hearts grew more convinced that our next child would be adopted. Specifically, we became more and more sure that we would adopt our child from Oasis Haven, he or she would be older and possibly have special needs.

When the time was right, we approached Oasis Haven to let them know what we had in mind. And ever ready, they told us about baby Faith. We were immediately drawn to her from what we heard, though overwhelmed to know all that she had been through and the challenges she faced both medically and developmentally. We had the chance to meet Faith and see her for all she truly is, not just what was on paper. It was a short but emotional first meeting.

Our family then went away for our Christmas holiday, determined to spend the time thinking, praying and seeking counsel from those around us. Was this the right move for us? For Faith? Was she our daughter? The time away sealed it into our hearts: Faith IS the daughter God had always planned to add to our family! He was giving her to us and we were just amazed! When we returned back home, we were able to confidently move forward and pursue the adoption of our daughter.

The process has moved quickly and we're scheduled to visit the social worker again with all our completed documentation early March. All this time we've had the opportunity to spend time and fall in love with our precious Faith. It is still hard to believe that this beautiful little girl we have been getting to know is the same little girl from the profile we read only a few months ago.

We can’t wait for the day soon to come, when we can bring her home forever!


Adoption Discovery is an informative session that addresses the common obstacles, questions and myths surrounding the adoptive process, we provide you and your family with the facts and the necessary resources.

There is no cost and no obligation associated with your attendance. Rather, we recommend that you come to learn more, begin the discussion, and discover the truth about adoption for yourself.

For more information on Adoption Discovery:
Email bev@oasishaven.org or call 011 678 8057


Every parent makes an unspoken promise to their child. A promise to feed and clothe them, a promise to keep them safe and secure, a promise to love and care for them. It is a promise to meet each unique need within each precious child until they are able to care for themselves.

At Oasis Haven, we make the same promise to the children in our Family Homes. It is our commitment to every child that we will do our best to be “family” in every way. But we cannot make that promise aloneā€¦

We at Oasis Haven are grateful for our Family Friends who help us keep this promise by committing to a simple and invaluable monthly gift of R100 or more. These gifts help us keep our promise of kisses goodnight, celebrations over good school reports, tummies full of healthy food, tissues to wipe away tears and a home full of laughter and joy.

Help us make the promise by filling out this form pledging your commitment. A commitment made is a promise kept.

You can find out about other ways to make the promise by:
Contacting Ivan at ivan@oasishaven.org or call 011 678 8057


Volunteer Training
- 15 March

Adoption Discovery
- 16 April


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