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Newsletter 33 - 2014


The phone call came from a concerned social worker. She spoke of a baby girl in a local children’s home whose birth was the result of a late term abortion. Though she was significantly older, she hadn’t developed beyond 6 months of age, and the social worker didn’t know what to do.  She asked if Oasis Haven was willing to take on the work, the risk, and the unknown of this little one’s future.

And we said, “OF COURSE!”

Faith joined the Oasis Haven family in late 2013.  Though her expression was blank, and her little limbs weak, we knew this precious girl was capable of much more than predicted. Over the last few months, Faith has received therapy from various professionals, recommendations from some of the best doctors, and endless cuddles from her housemother, brothers, and sisters.

Already, she is crawling, standing and practicing her best wave and “hello” whenever anyone comes or goes. In every beaming smile, with every little song she sings, Faith radiates the value of our daily mission. She is one of so many, yet her story reminds us that no child is beyond hope and that every child deserves our very best efforts.


The South African Revenue Services (SARS) allows individuals, Trusts, Private and Public Companies or any other Tax Paying entity to donate up to 10% of their taxable income to charities that are registered as Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs). The amount donated can be deducted from the taxable income of any tax payer. This allows you to put your money where you think a difference will be made.

Oasis Haven is a registered Public Benefit Organization (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service under Section 18A, which provides tax exemption benefits to donors. For you to take advantage of this tax benefit whilst helping provide a sustainable answer to the orphan crisis, contact Oasis Haven on 011 678 8057.

For further information on tax deductable donations follow this link.


Giving Hope is a fresh idea that shows your commitment to your clientele and to the betterment of your community. By making a donation to Oasis Haven in the names of your clients or employees you share a powerful story of hope, a story of abandoned children finding family. It is a gift that will not sit unused, that will not gather dust on a shelf, and that will not be lost in a pile of other corporate mementos.

We will provide you with Oasis Haven’s logo and a “thank you” from our team. Your own corporate details may be incorporated into this certificate and individual names may be added for a personal touch. We can also provide you with additional collateral material to share with your clients.

We suggest a donation of R100 or more per gift, but there is no fixed amount. Feel free to choose a gift appropriate to your company and your clientele or employees.

To participate in Giving Hope or to talk directly to an Oasis Haven representative, please contact Ivan at:ivan@oasishaven.org or +27 11 678 8057


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