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Newsletter 28 - 2013


July was a month of celebration at Oasis Haven. Celebration of life, of family, and the power of both in a child’s heart.

Three children were introduced to their adoptive families this month. Families who had been preceded by endless prayers and thousands of wishes.

Going to both local and international families, their lives ransomed through the gift of Family, these three precious kids remind us that the need of abandoned child is to belong forever.
One our young girls turned 10 years old this month. Abandoned at birth as one of the sickest babies our doctors have ever treated, few thought she would reach her first birthday. Yet this weekend we celebrated the last decade with friends and family at a backyard braai. And like most girls her age, she played with her friends and smiled as she opened her gifts. Her heart, and her story, only revealing themselves when she quietly hugged and thanked everyone there for being a part of her special day.

We celebrated the life and the incredible legacy of one our founding members, Jacky Viljoen. Passionate about her faith and about the value of every child, Jacky gave her life to making a difference. At Oasis Haven, she carried administrative, managerial and educational responsibilities, making sure every child who crossed her path knew how special they really were. Known for her generosity and her grace, she has left a hole in our hearts as well as an overwhelming legacy and example to follow. Because of Jacky and those she served alongside, we are able to enjoy the celebrations of this month and many more to come.


We need your help in rallying support for our cycling champions “Team Oasis Haven”. Last year was awesome as we raised R 100,000.00 as first timers at the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

This was huge for Oasis Haven as we were able to cover many of the children’s needs. The women and men who took part in last year’s race did so with such passion and joy, so much so that it left an overwhelming feeling of togetherness in the fight to end the orphan crisis. This year we are again urging people to come out and have fun for a worthy cause. Whether you are a pro or novice it would be a privilege to have you on our team.

Contact Ivan on 011 678 8057, or ivan@oasishaven.org for further information or sign up here. Don’t forget to tell a friend!



Do something more with your next corporate get together by adding some Good in the Mix. It is easy to turn any corporate event into a fundraiser for Oasis Haven.

By adding a small cover fee to your employee appreciation, making donation baskets part of the decor at your networking event, or creating a giving option unique to you and your clientele—you can turn your event into an opportunity to build your company and invest in your community. Add some good to your next drink mixer!

For more information contact Ivan on 011 678 8057 or ivan@oasishaven.org


Journey to Adoption
- 15 August

Spring Drive
- 1 September

Closing date for Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge registration
- 22 September


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