Our Children's Stories


Lerato was found in plastic bag on the side of the road. Propped up against the frame of an outhouse, passersby noticed the sounds and movements of a newborn baby. Looking inside the dirty bag, they found a perfectly precious little girl. Still wet from her delivery and with her umbilical cord still attached, Lerato was handed to a policeman who knew of a place that cared for children just like her.



Suffering from AIDS and too ill to care for her baby boy, Nkosi’s mother left him at a place of safety when he was two years old. She visited Nkosi regularly until her passing from a virus that she shared with her son.



At seven years old, Khanya had called Oasis Haven home for five years. Upon her arrival at two years of age, she was unable to walk or talk due to severe neglect by her biological mother. Her significant developmental delays often caused her great frustration and made her difficult to control at times, especially when she acted out in hopes of receiving attention.